Suspicious vehicle leads to firearms scare and arrest at Klem South Elementary

According to a press release issued Tuesday (10/30/18) afternoon from the Webster Police Department, Timothy M. Ryan, 57 of Canandaigua was taken into custody and subsequently charged with a class E felony for possessing firearms on school grounds after being reported as a suspicious person in the school parking lot.

Mr. Ryan was a credentialed construction subcontractor for the school district and at no time were threats made toward students, staff, police officers or anyone else.

There has been quite a bit of speculation on social media over both the severity of this incident as well as how it’s being handled by the police and the school district.   From one of the posts about this on our Webster Neighbors Facebook group:

“He did NO WRONG!” – Shayne D.

“He broke the law.  That’s wrong.”  – Kasey R.

“So because somebody was scared he looses the right to protect himself and family.  Cool…”  – Jay K.

“Constitution of the United States 2nd amendment! He had legal firearms! US citizen ! Going to work ! Had them in his vehicle ! What did he do?”  – Billy Q.

“Just jumping in here to follow the thread where people forget that he had guns on school grounds. Let it work itself out in court, but when you get caught breaking a law you face a judge. As a responsible gun owner, he should be well aware that this was an automatic felony. He may not be convicted of a felony, but that’s why he was arrested, people. Use some common sense.”  – Rob F. 

We will be updating this post as more information because available.