Welcome to Webster’s largest, most active online community!  This is a group for current, former or future residents, businesses, or anyone with an interest in the beautiful lakeside community of Webster, NY!    This is the ORIGINAL Webster Group created in March of 2009.  Join us to discuss our town and it’s events, post questions to the community, seek out referrals or advice, be a resource and help out neighbors, and assist in bringing Webster closer together!

General inquiries send email to: moderators@websterneighbors.com

Business inquiries send email to: admin@websterneighbors.com

Unsolicited business advertising and/or promotions are not allowed without a paid advertising package.

Group Admins:

Jason Martorana (Group Creator, Former Webster resident, currently living in Rochester, NY)
Jeremy Tellier (Current Webster resident)

Group Rules Summary

(This is just a summary, please be sure to read the FULL rules and FAQs here):
We ask that you participate in a kind and collaborative way, and that you exercise respect and consideration while here.  Keep an open mind and don’t be quick to judge. People in this group come from many different backgrounds so you will see things here that challenge your perspective.  Please do not engage with other members to argue, demean, harass, or be unkind in anyway.  While we appreciate and we can all use some occasional humor, please don’t use the group as your personal stand-up comedy soapbox.   Consistently dropping one liners or making light of otherwise serious topics in other people’s posts/threads will be considered trolling and grounds for removal from the group.

Unsolicited business ads or promotions are NOT allowed without a paid advertising package.  However, business owners are welcome and encouraged to respond to or comment on member’s requests for recommendations.   Also, if you are opening or have recently opened a NEW business in the Town of Webster, you are allowed to post ONE introductory message announcing and describing your business.  Be sure to mention that this is a NEW business and do your best to describe it thoroughly. Please visit the Guide for New Businesses for full details and instructions.