Carina, the Runaway Puppy, finds her way home, with a little help from some friends!

If you happened to check Facebook on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, there is no doubt you saw the terrible news that a newly adopted Black Lab named Carina had taken off from her new owners before even stepping foot into her new forever home.    Her new family and their loved ones frantically took to social media to get the word out around town to keep an eye out for Carina.    She had taken off with her collar and leash still attached and was last seen bolting through backyards in the neighborhood.

Within minutes, other Webster Neighbors were chiming in with sightings in their neighborhoods, both of Carina herself and of the trail in the snow she was (thankfully) leaving due to the leash she was still dragging along.    However, hours had gone by, night had fallen and the sightings became less frequent.    Carina’s owners continued to get the word out, posting updates through out the evening of the latest on the search efforts.

By Thursday morning though, in the happiest of endings, with the help of the amazing local organization Rescued Treasures, Carina was “captured” using a special “havahart” trap and reunited with her parents.

When Carina’s new owners reported the news in our Webster Neighbors Facebook group that morning, we think we could hear the entire Town of Webster breathe a heavy sigh of relief.   And what followed was an outpouring of love, support, smiley faces and heart emojis that we haven’t seen in the group in a long time.


Also, a post from someone there that evening that helped set the evenings plan into motion, helped shed some light on how they found Carina and some other general tips for others who might someday struggle with lost pets:


And finally, she even shared some trail cam footage of Carina sniffing out her blanket:


We love moments like these that are shared in our group!    We are so happy for the united family and wish them the best of luck!   And a very special thanks to Rescued Treasures, an amazing team of HEROES that really came through for Carina, and Webster this week!