Iconic Webster auto repair and towing business always looks its best

For most people, the concepts of a towing company and horticulture do not naturally go hand-in-hand. But Ron Barth, owner of Barth Towing and Auto Repair, begs to differ.

Barth Towing is located just west of Webster Schroeder High School on Ridge Road. In many respects it’s your typical towing/automotive repair service. There are usually tow trucks in the driveway waiting to be called out, and any number of cars lined along the parking lot awaiting repair.

But what really stands out are the large gardens that dot the company’s front yard and hug the sidewalk. In stark contrast to the strictly-business appearance projected by everything else, the gardens burst with color and warmth, welcoming clients to, well, stop and smell the roses as they walk along the sidewalk to the office door.

The well kept landscaping at Barth Towing and Auto Repair (M. Rosenberry)

Taken as a whole, no one would blame you if you think that something just doesn’t fit. After all, a “normal” towing company wouldn’t spend so much time worrying about aesthetics.

But then, Barth is not your normal towing company.

Ron Barth has owned and operated Barth Towing for 48 years. In addition to striving to provide responsive, top-notch service, he’s always made sure his fleet of trucks and his employees look their best.

“Appearance to me is everything, including my trucks, my equipment, my guys,” he said. “If the trucks look good, the guys look good, it makes a big difference with customers.”

Three years ago, he applied that philosophy to the exterior of his business as well. He hired Thomas Landscaping to plant the flowers and shrubs, but Ron himself keeps the front lawn and gardens up to snuff every summer, regularly weeding and cutting the grass.

With help from Thomas Landscaping who planted the flowers and shrubs, Ron Barth takes pride in the appearance of his busy shop on Ridge Road in Webster (M. Rosenberry)

The whole idea, Ron said, was so that his place “doesn’t look like a junkyard,” unlike many other towing and repair places around Rochester. “All my wrecks and accidents go in back; the cars at the side are all customer work.”

And the gardens make it all just a bit more attractive. Because even after 48 years, the customer comes first in everything Barth Towing does. That even means making sure the place looks nice for them.

“We try to please as many people as we possibly can,” Ron said.

Barth Towing is located at 871 Ridge Road, Webster, adjacent to Webster Schroeder High School. Visit them on Facebook for more information.