Webster Neighbors EXCLUSIVE: Austin Giorgio Q&A

If you’ve followed the Webster Neighbors Facebook group over the last couple years, there is no doubt you’ve been introduced to our hometown musician turned national superstar, Austin Giorgio, especially after his many appearances and becoming a finalist on NBC’s The Voice.

However, as early as February of 2017, Austin started to gain some notoriety in the Webster Neighbors Facebook group by posting home recorded videos of his heartfelt and soulful renditions of classic jazz and other popular music.   The videos were very high quality and it became clear that Austin possessed a very unique talent, both in his amazing vocal ability as well as his production and marketing skills.   The videos quickly became a favorite weekly regular in the group as Austin would post a new video every Friday for weeks at a time.

Fast forward one year to February of 2018 and Austin was able to announce that he auditioned for The Voice and that he would likely be featured on one of the first episodes.   From there, Webster was in a full on Austin Giorgio Fever.   There were local viewing parties, rallies to vote for him, we even changed the Facebook group’s cover photo to include instructions on how to vote for Austin on each of the nights his performance was aired.    Austin had become such a household name in Webster that we even ran an April Fools joke on this website claiming that the Pope had named Austin a SAINT, and HUNDREDS of people bought into it, sending their congrats and best wishes.    Needless to say, we have become HUGE fans of Austin and that’s why we were absolutely thrilled to hear from him this Thanksgiving morning and we’re honored that he was able to do a quick Q&A session with us that you can find below.

Austin is kicking off the America’s Voices on Tour series, starting in Utica and Rochester in mid-February.   Fore more details and ticket sales please visit Ticketmaster at: https://www1.ticketmaster.com/event/0000555AD9FDA602


With The Voice and now touring, you’ve been travelling a lot lately.  Besides your hometown, any new favorite places you have visited?   Any places you are looking forward to visiting for the first time?

I’ve been thankful to travel to so many new cities and areas around the country, especially up and down the coast of California. I’d say Rochester will always be my favorite city because of the culture and community roots but one city that really stuck out to me and at no surprise was NYC. It’s a lively environment that seems to be the place I may end up spending time in for my career. I’d say I’m looking forward to Houston and Austin Texas which are places on the line up but not for another year or so.


Are you still attending SUNY Geneseo?   Have you found it difficult balancing student life with your touring and appearances schedule?    Do you have any advice for other students trying to balance busy schedules?

I am finishing my last college class at SUNY Geneseo, and I’m beyond ready to depart. Balancing school while maintaining an unconventional career such as music has been an interesting and enduring process. It has forced me to become hyper focused on big picture goals, and to work on timelines in a micro and macro view. I think the best advice I could give to another student is to just do the work with no excuses, work both hard and smart while you are in a position to do so. The best outcomes have been the ones when I’ve been backed into a corner and had to figure my way out. It is worth mentioning that while these scenarios brought new and exciting opportunity, they were often laced with sacrifice.


Have your marketing studies been valuable throughout your experience with The Voice and now building your personal brand?

I’d say that my studies in life have brought significant value to my success of today and tomorrow. My father would wake me up at 4 a.m. every Sunday from when I was 12 to 17 years old to help him sell antiques at the Avon Flea Market. He taught me discipline and how to communicate with people on a truthful and genuine level. Throughout high school I also worked a part time job at Hegedorns Food Market and babysat the owners son every Friday night (I mean literally every Friday with a few exceptions, no Friday night football games for me). My mother pushed me through my studies and I’ve always looked up to her since I would remember seeing her come home late from work only to jump on the laptop to finish her degree until the wee hours of the morning.  I’ve been thankful that all the events in my life have engraved an enduring work ethic and discipline. The key to my personal brand is to be me, and to not only share my art with others, but inspire those looking to add what they have to the world.


Can you give us a little background on this America’s Voices on Tour?   Who’s performing with you and what’s their style?   How many stops on the tour?  

I’m so excited to be doing these shows with my fellow Voice family! Joining me in Rochester at the Auditorium theatre Feb 16th is Britton Buchanan, Jackie Foster, Spensha Baker, Christiana Danielle, and Kaleb Lee. Britton gives a Bruce Springsteen vibe, Jackie is a rocker at heart with modern influences such as Kelly Clarkson (her coach), Spensha is a soulful country singer that is a true sweetheart, Christiana is like me in that she loves jazz and throws a soulful taste in and Kaleb is your All-American country guy that brings high energy. The tour only has announced 2 dates but will be releasing the next stops in the new year!


What else is going on?    Are you writing new music?    Recording?    Any teasers?

2019 is going to start off with a huge bang, my debut album will be released along side many music videos shot here in Rochester, NY (not officially announced). We have over 11 shows lined up including the America’s Voices On Tour shows. Very excited for the new year and the all the other projects going on, including a movie releasing with one of my songs featured in it.